Good day to you all. As this is my first post I know that it may start out unclear about what my blog will be about and what it may lead to in reading it. First of all I promise to try and not be boring. Secondly my blog will just be about whatever I am thinking about that day. It could be anything from a comment I heard someone say during the day or a comment someone posted in response to something I posted. Lastly if you read my blog be prepared for a vast mixture of material. I tend to find myself reading/involved in many different subjects, while not a bad thing it makes for some interesting days.

Who am I? That is a wonderful question. Hopefully by learning some things about me I will spark your interest and create a desire within you to continue reading these posts.

I am a Senior in College, sadly not graduating this year as I am changing my major. (Yeah changing it my senior year). I found out that I really want to work in higher education so I am changing my major so that I can continue doing so with a little bit more ease then my previous major. I am changing it to a BA in History.

I have 6 younger sisters and no other siblings. This made for an interesting childhood but in the end I think I turned out alright. My father and mother are divorced by my father has remarried and my step-mom has really stepped up to the plate as my mother.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere on a ranch that was a total of roughly 5,000 acres. I know my way around livestock and highly enjoy the freedom of open country all around despite having lived in a city for the past 4 years while working on my degree.

I currently hold two jobs while attending classes and am the President of a campus organization. I work for my University as a Resident Assistant. RAs are there living on the floor with the other students and are there to keep the residents safe as well as enforce the policies of the university. My second job is riding the bus for the public school system as a transportation para. For this job I basically have the same responsibilities except with kids from Kindergarten through High School. So in doing these two jobs I have found I like working with the college students far more and would like to go into higher education. As the President of my organization I run into several things daily that make me love higher education even more. I know so many of the people on campus that if anyone needs anything I can at least point them in the right direction or to someone who would know.

Lets see, I think that is a nice summary about myself to get everyone started. If you have any specific questions feel free to post and I will most likely reply/check daily.

Have a great and wonderful rest of your day.


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