It is often said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. I think that this is a true statement and often wonder about how often I catch myself and others imitating the hero of a movie/show right after watching it. I have found that this is also the case for people who are reading the epic stories of heroes both historical and fictional.

After viewing our heroes in action we try to embody them if at least for a short while. Is it not a curious aspect that those traits we admire when we embody them seem to become a part of us for that time. It would seem that as a person we are able to continue portraying those traits even when not inspired by our heroes. Yet we won’t until receiving inspiration once again either from some other hero or from the same one all over again.

An example of this would be superhero movies like what Marvel and DC produce. In these movies good always triumphs and saves the day by being resilient, intelligent, clever, witty, and the list goes on and on. After watching such a movie people tend to try to be clever/witty with each other, as well as engage with other people in a way where they can prove themselves to be the hero. In many of these cases people can actually pull off being who they are pretending to be for a short while but always revert back to who they are.

My question is why? Why do people revert back? We imagine and then try to mimic our heroes. Eventually wouldn’t those imprints into our minds that have been left over and over again by our favorites characters start to form in our everyday behaviors? Someone who wasn’t brave now stares down some of his or her fears because they have learned how by observing others who have committed brave acts. Soldiers in wartime for an example, not everyone who is shipped off to war are inherently brave or even loyal. Yet when they are with their band of brothers in the field they become the soldier that we expect them to be. Yes part of it is the training but I believe some part of it is this reshaping that happens due to observation of others who emulate the behaviors that we wish we possessed. If we can shape ourselves for a short while or in times of need, why not shape ourselves for the long-term and from the beginning?

Just a curiosity I was pondering today.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.


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