Children Fight

Children fight; they have less experience with how to hold themselves and what is appropiate behavior to do with their feelings. So naturally they can get themselves into trouble, and in some cases lots of trouble.

Here recently on the bus that I work on a student has gotten himself into a good deal of trouble for punching another student who is in the same grade as him. Now if these students had been older I may not be as upset about the punishment this kid is receiving from the school system.

It also helps that on my bus this student while yes is not the best of kids, he follows all of the rules and in general behaves well. The school even commented that he has fairly decent grades and is doing alright in his classes.

Now he is in trouble for “punching” another student who rides my bus, the event did not take place on my bus however. The kids who saw the event say that the one who got in trouble did not hit the other kid but was just trying to get by him and ended up shoving him.

The “victim” is a problem on my bus daily. He constantly wants to get other students in trouble and accuses them of things (even when they have done nothing wrong) and tries to enforce the rules of the bus.

Now the kid who did get in trouble has been punished severely in my opinion. He has to sit behind me on the bus and no one is allowed to sit with him. He has a piece of tape that marks his spot, all other kids can see this and know why he has to sit there. I believe that his punishment should have been a private matter instead of every kid who gets on the bu knowing about it. He also is receiving discipline in school from the administration.

This punishment has successfully separated him from the other students and has made a once cheerful kid sit silently staring waiting for the bus to drop him off.

In my opinion children fight. It’s natural for them to want to defend themselves as well. I know I don’t like it when someone cuts me off while driving or while walking someone moves to stand between me and the door. As an adult I know how to appropriately handle those situations. (Not slamming on my horn at the driver who cut me off).

These kids need guidance and to understand why what they did was wrong. Not just to be punished and never explained what they could have done differently that would have been acceptable.

Thank you for reading my little rant.


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