Atlantis Pt. 1

Here is a story I started working on a while back. This is just a part of what I have already written. I would like to see if people would enjoy it and if people do I will post more (a lot more). No I’m not looking for a short walk to fame or anything I just want to see if people like my stories.

It was a stormy night and he walked alone through the storm. Several weapons glistened in the star light as they hung from holsters and scabbards alike. He was taller nearing 6 foot, thinner as one would expect in someone who hadn’t eaten for several days. He walked with a steady unyielding pace into the dark of the night as though he never expected to see the light of day again. At a closer glance one would notice that he was young, not yet a man but the stress of his new life made him much older than the time on this earth would ever account for. He had seen much in his past and knows that he will see much more in the ever coming future. His palms were sweaty within the confines of his cotton gloves and his hands trembled with excitement and fear of what was about to transpire. His unsteady breathing and rapid heart rate caused him to shake uncontrollably and even though a feeling of dread came upon him, he pushed on through the storm. Maybe it was because of the storm that he walked on, knowing that it made it impossible for anyone to track him, keeping the knowledge of where he was heading secret from those who may wish to follow.

At last he came to a stop at a gate that seemed to just appear out of the ground; it was crudely built from the remnants of old chain link fences and chicken wire. The fence that stretched out from either side of the gate was made from similar materials with the addition of metal boxes that rolled and carried the people of old, these things had been rolled into place and then tipped onto their sides; the boxes then had been linked into the fence by tying it to the other materials with old rusted barbed wire. In addition the fence had been fashioned to large metal poles that people from past generations would recognize as light poles for city streets. This wall was impressive and with it being so large how was it that the government didn’t know where it was?

The gate began to creak and groan as it swung open. Several people heavily covered in cold weather gear and equally armed exited through the gate, they approached him pointing their weapons at him. He stood there letting them encircle him, keeping his hands away from his many weapons and always visible. For several minutes they kept circling him while others scanned the area for possible threats. Eventually one of the figures approached him and asked “Who is it that we call savior?”

This was it, his one chance to find safety from what the new world was. “Myself.”


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