Senior Thesis

This weekend I need to write my senior thesis and a paper for a different senior level class. Both are History classes that I am writing for. In this case a paper over Christopher Columbus before he sailed and the other one is over the Hitler Youth.

Christopher Columbus needs to fill 15-20 pages and is kinda boring because it is prior to his voyages. He was an interesting with some weird ideas. Still by far the more boring of the two topics in my opinion.

The second paper over the Hitler Youth. Now that one has my full attention, at 20-25 pages and the only grade in the class. For this class I actually got to choose my topic completely. The other topic was assigned so that makes this paper more personal and I want to write it so much more. When I finish my research I will post a small portion of my paper on here with my citations if you all are interested.

What major projects are you all working on?

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day.


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