Everyone has secrets. You keep different secrets from different people in your life. For example I am not going to tell some random person on the street the name of all my siblings and where they live. I may however share this information with my best friend and certainly my spouse. Secrets have a time and a place when they are formed. The information that is constantly passing around could all be made secret in a heart beat but those people in our lives would be upset if we no longer shared that kind of sensitive information. Sharing information makes us vulnerable but makes our bonds with other stronger.

Secrets are part of who we are and why we do what we do. These are some of the things that make us individuals. They do not have to define us however, we choose whether or not they do. As an example I will use myself.

When I was young I was the only boy in a one room school house, there were 6 kids total in the school at the time I left to a larger school. The closest neighbor my age lived nearly 17 miles away, so because of this I grew up knowing how to entertain myself.

A game that I used to play involved a electric fence post made out of fiberglass. These posts were extremely flimsy and light so even at 8 I could whip it around pretty hard. I grew up watching action movies with awesome fight scenes so naturally I acted them out. The game that I played however would be me running around with one of these sticks and fighting through levels. Kinda like a video game. The first level my post would be a sword, the second it would be a bow, and the third level it was a quarter staff. Now on each level were different clans each clan could only use the post in one way. Hence the reason it changed as I changed levels.

I have never told anyone that. Up until my 8th grade year I had no friends.I was alone.Now in college I am surrounded by friends, they don’t know that I am probably overcompensating for the lack of friends in my early years. But it is kinda ironic because now sometimes I really just want to lock myself in a room alone and just do something by myself. I don’t because it is expected of me now that I am open and available to hang out.

This song by Mary Lambert I think is a wonderful song about secrets and letting them go. Secrets

Thank you for reading. I hope that you have a wonderful day and that the song inspires you.


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