When I was in high school I decided that I wanted to become a teacher. I had several amazing teachers as I grew up who inspired me to do difficult subjects/assignments because they would be fun.

In 10th grade my school normally didn’t offer a history class for sophomores. However what was offered was a chance to write an essay competing from sophomores through seniors to get one of the ten positions in an advanced history course. To make sure the teacher could not show bias the secretary assigned numbers to our papers and the teacher would choose 10 numbers that he wanted in the class. I was the only non senior that got accepted. I loved that class it was amazing and provided a lot of inspiration for me wanting to become a teacher.

My senior year I was taking a heavy course load. Normally a student can only take 8 classes in a year, I was taking 9. Every week I would divide two of my classes into sections and attend every other day. While this made it so I had to rely more on my own studying than my teachers lectures I loved it.

I then got to college and decided that I would go into education. My entire family told me it was a horrible idea. It was a waste of my talent and abilities. Every Christmas when I came home that’s what they would tell me. Not just my mother and father but aunts, uncles, grandparents. Well after being in college for so long and this being my senior year here. I finally switched majors away from education. Don’t worry it wasn’t for them.

I changed majors because I have only taken three of some 10 education courses required for my field and I have hated all of them. I get frustrated by the hypocrisy that they teach us in those classes and I was done.

Now that I dropped education and started looking at other options, I discovered that I want to do so much more than I was even considering before. I had limited myself to wanting to be a teacher that better options didn’t even catch my eye. Now I am looking at going directly into my Masters after graduation and getting a job working at a college or university. I already work for a university at one of the lowest levels however after my masters and even possibly a PHD I could reach so much higher than I was even considering.

I didn’t think that I could go higher because in high school I gave up, I could have been an all A student but I learned that your grades in high school don’t matter. Then I only got a 26 on the ACT (lowest in my family by 4 points). I convinced myself that I wasn’t that intelligent. However every semester on college I refuse to buy the books, don’t take notes, and yet my GPA rises. Now it isn’t the best only above a 3.0 by a marginal amount, still going up though.

My father claims that when I do apply myself I am the most intelligent in the family. It’s just that I learned in 8th grade and all the way through High school that grades don’t matter. No one reads your high school transcript, they look at the ACT and the Diploma. For college they want to see the Diploma, that’s all that matters. Except now I want to go on into my Masters program and now they have a Undergrad GPA requirement of a 3.5. Now my grades finally matter.

I don’t know, my whole family thinks that I have this innate talent for learning and application of what I learned. Maybe teaching would have been a waste and this new field will be more of what I was looking for in life.

Thank you for reading, I know it wasn’t my typical post. Still it was on my mind today so here it is. Have a wonderful rest of your day.


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