Having Fun

Ok to make up for my more recent sad and depressing posts I am going to tell you something that is both happy and fun.

Here recently I got paid so naturally being the adult that I am I went and picked up my girlfriend for a date. Only not the typical go sit down and eat good food date, or go to an event type date. We went to Walmart. Now before you think this is some lame date keep reading.

We went to the Nerf isle and grabbed some of the new nerf guns. The ones that fire the mega bullets. Two pistols and a sniper rifle. Now we were set to go back to my apartment and fire these foam darts at one another.

We got them all set up and ready to go. We walked into different rooms and then the darts started to fly. A couple things were learned. First these mega darts can leave bruises if hit in the neck/nose. Second everyone needs to have some fun and to take a break.

Have fun even if its the last thing you think you want to do at that time. More than likely that is when you need it most.

Thank you for reading and remember to go out and have some fun.


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