Nerf Battles

Last night several friends of mine and I went to Walmart and purchased even more nerf stuff, because well we are still kids at heart. We played for hours in my apartment just shooting each other with no real goals or anything like that. It was all just fun running around in my small apartment getting pelted with little foam darts.

I purchased one of the Bow Nerf things and I must say it is impressive. Probably the most bang for your buck in terms of quality. I love it. My friends hate it but thats because I am better with a bow than a gun. All in all a very fun night filled with the giggling of my girlfriend and my best friends girlfriend. He and I ended up on one side sort of versing them while still shooting each other,

It was a wonderful evening. Just serves to remind that taking breaks to have fun is very important.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to include in the comments some fun thing you have done recently.


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