Atlantis Pt. 3

John woke up feeling nauseated and his body was sore. He could make out bruises all over his body and could feel many still bleeding cuts along his spine. He was now dressed in a loose fitting brown shirt and a pair of pants that were made of the same material as his shirt. They were held together by a few cinches along the inside. He sat up feeling unsteady but now he was able to look around his new surroundings.

He was a in a room of some kind, at least it had a ceiling, four walls, and a floor. Everything looked to be made of stone including; the toilet, a small table and chair, and what looked to be the door to outside the room. There were no windows but a small lamp provided the light required to see around the room.

John made to stand but the searing pain that immediately shot up his back and the sudden eruption of blood from the cuts on his spine prevented further attempts at such an action. He lay there as a pool of blood started to gather around where he was sitting. His last thought as he faded back into unconsciousness was “Who am I?”

As he lay there dead to the world a figure entered the room approached the body that was now lying in a pool of its own blood. The figure bent down touched the dying man and spoke what sounded like a prayer before turning and leaving the still unconscious John to decide for him-self whether or not he had the will to overcome his body and live.

Time passed and the figure of John could still be seen breathing and on occasion moving to grab whatever bits of food and water were left within this room for him by some unknown visitor. He was a ghost of his former self, being confined within the prison of stone. His ashen face suggested that he had not seen sunlight of any kind in some time and the crusty blood that had worked it’s self into the fabric of all his clothes left the look that he was some deranged murderer who was starving for the next victim.

He had lost all sense of time and day after day pondered the same questions. “Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing here?” The only thing that kept him from offing himself was his burning desire to find all of those things out. His natural curiosity was driving him onward to endure the treatment and maybe someday figure everything out. Unknown to John, he was being watched very carefully and every move was monitored.


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