Big Hero 6

My girlfriend and I are going to the new movie that came out called Big Hero 6. We are both very excited about it because a lot of the humor looks targeted towards the older crowd. In the trailers the cute lovable robot Baymax has moments where he seems like a drunk person due to a low battery. My friends and I could not stop laughing at that scene because it is exactly how a drunk person acts.

This is the first of two trailers that can be found on youtube.

This is the second trailer that was put out.

Needless to say they make the movie look like it will be a lot of fun and mostly light-hearted. My girlfriend and I have a sort of bet that the bad guy will be or not be the older brother. We have a hard time determining from the trailer if the brother is dead or just missing. Somehow he is gone it sounds like though.

In any case we both are very excited to go watch this wonderful kids movie.

Have a wonderful night and I thank you for reading.


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