First Encounters

I am running a Pathfinder campaign for my friends using the slow leveling progression. They are starting at 1st level  and yesterday fought for their very survival.

There is a Goblin Ranger in the party who acts like a child to help it survive in the world of much bigger creatures. An Aasimar Monk who has trained almost purely in weapons and not the path of peace. Lastly an Undine Barbarian who while generally Undines would be more peaceful this one is filled with rage.

Together they were ship wrecked on an Island where they started salvaging all that they could. While salvaging they encountered several Boilborns which gave them a tough time and nearly killed the Barbarian.

They quickly left the beach area and walked inland towards the bluff that overlooked the area. Along the way they encountered Giant Tortoises and Tooth Fairies. The characters quickly started to hate the tooth fairies as they were difficult to see and nasty in close combat.

At the top of the bluff the characters sent up a flare using the spell daylight as they could make out a village on the coast of the mainland not far from their little island. The village dispatched several canoes to go check out the flare.

After a couple days of sitting and preparing the characters were “rescued” by about 30 catfolk who traded with them. The catfolk took them back to the village and placed them before a council of elders. The council asked the characters to solve a minor problem for them that they were having with a Drake. For the reward of having a map of the entire continent that they were now on.

The characters eagerly accepted this and asked for some other kind of payment up front. They were given a Cure Light Wounds potion each and led to the sight where the Drake was last seen. The goblin was able to track the drake back to its home where it was protected by Kobolds who arent that bright. The kobolds tried defending their master but were easily swept aside by the characters. The last kobold threw down its weapon in fear and waited to watch its master slaughter the characters.

The Drake came out of the cave and began by breathing a blast of shadow which would have done a lot of damage except for the character he targeted made a reflex save to avoid half of the damage and then resisted the rest due to racial abilities.

The Drake stood no chance once the Ranger put and arrow in it and the barbarian swooped in with a mighty blow from its hammer. The drake died quickly, but the kobold now serves a new master. These heroes have made use of the Kobold by having it carry gear and are training it to use weapons/speak common/other stuff.

They made it back to the catfolk village with news of their success and that is where the session ended for the night. Most of the night was making characters hence so short but still a pretty fun time.


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