It can both bring us to new heights or drop us into the lowest cavern.

A whiff of inspiration and humans can do some amazing things. Some of them end in disastor but some of them are truly amazing things. Without inspiration both our sciences and our art would not exist in the same way that we know it.

Those individuals who broke out of the bounds of what life told them they had and truly did something. They were inspired whether intrinsically or extrinsically they had some reason and drive that made them do some great things.

Columbus in 1492 gets it into his head that he needs to sail across the Atlantic to prove the world is smaller than scientists believed it was. While he turned out to be wrong his inspiration led to the discovery of the new world. Sadly his story end with great tragedy as then the natives will be enslaved and many killed.

Leonardo creates amazing works of art and plays with inventions that would seem impossible. Hitler would be inspired to take control of Germany and try to conquer the world. Hugh Laurie would become a talented actor and musician. Martin Luther King Jr. would give powerful and motivational speeches to better the lives of thousands of people.

My point is that good or bad people become inspired and only through that inspiration do things really change. While these are all people who are famous and recognizable they have one thing in common. They took charge and became the person they will be remembered as.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share something you have been inspired to do recently.

For me I am working on my senior thesis.


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