Dungeons and Dragons

Yeah I am making a full post about the epic nerd game Dungeons and Dragons. However there is more to this post than just large levels of me being a geek.

This semester normally I would be playing in a Pathfinder or similar campaign and running my own. From the very beginning however my friends and I have all just been too busy or more likely to tired to create our own awesome stories that make sense and would be fun to play in.

This semester has made all of us feel exhausted and worked us to the bone.

For me its two jobs and classes. One of my jobs is 24/7 on call so it doesn’t let me rest often. For my best friend he has two jobs, had major surgery, and classes. My girlfriend has a job and looking for a second plus classes. I mean the list goes on for all of us. We are all juniors and seniors in college but our minds and bodies are being worn out.

However we still do want to make time to have fun and stuff like that. So today actually right after I leave this desk I am running to Hastings Book Store to buy a premade campaign setting that way I dont have to do any extra work to play the game but instead we can just play.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a less involved day then me or my amazing friends.


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