Sort of Back

My paper that was due tonight was moved back to being due next week on Monday morning. Yay! I hadn’t even been able to start it yet as I have been too busy doing everything else under the sun.

At my University at least for the classes I am taking I have hit crunch time. Truly right now I should be working on a different paper that is due tomorrow night by midnight. I am having troubles getting myself motivated to actual write and finish the paper. I already wrote 15 pages worth but I just need to finish the last 5 to 10 pages. I just am feeling “meh” about the subject at this point. I know that it really needs to get done and all of that and once it is done I will feel a thousand times better I am still just dragging my feet on the subject.

Have a wonderful day and I will do my best to finish these things so that I can fully return to my blog and having some fun on here.


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