Holiday Preparedness

As the Holiday season is quickly approaching I decided today that I would try and get a few things in order. Like new tires on my car that I have owned for 5 years and the tires should have been replaced when I bought it. Also get the oil changed in the same car because the last time that was changed is nearing on 4 years ago. I know really bad car maintenance, I am not a car guy and really don’t know the first thing besides when something goes wrong Youtube the situation until I can fix it.

Now I am onto some Holiday shopping. I have 6 younger sisters who range in what they like, plus my father and step-mom, and then my real mom. While I am 21 my youngest sister is not yet 1 year old. She will be before Christmas but not by much.

For the two youngest of my siblings who are both younger than 3 and very playful, I think I am going to get them MegaBlocks. Something that they can manually build with and create things with. Highly important for their development and as an added bonus something my father would love to play with them. I want to spend about $20 per person so I can get them 400 of these blocks. Enough to cause a small disaster in the living room.

Now the middle two ages between 13-15. They are both tom boys and like actual work with their hands. One of them actually wants to become a welder for her profession and she got a welder for Christmas last year. The other sister loves the outdoors and last year got a horse. To fit with this theme I was really at a loss as to what they would want. However as my step-mom pointed out they both have started taking an extreme liking to board games. So all kinds of options are now available. Plus anime for one of them and books for the other.

The older two are both 19 and currently being a pain for my family. Both of them dropped out of college and have attempted to severe connections with the family. One has taken to smoking a lot of weed and the other started hanging out with a guy that is no good (has been in jail for prostituting out women). So because of this I really don’t know what to do for them. I am not giving either of them cash because I don’t want to enable. One of them I will probably get a video game of some kind and the other a book but I am not sure she even reads anymore.

My father and Step Mom are easy to shop for. My father just wants some kind of game to play with us kids and my step mom “doesn’t want anything”. She will be getting something for Her kitchen. Some days I think she likes the kitchen more then us kids, at least maybe claims it more often. My real mom is hard to shop for, we only kind of know each other. We meet are pleasant and then go our separate ways once again. For her I will most likely get something like a pumpkin candle set, I know she loves them.

Now for my girlfriend the game is afoot, but I am thinking I will be getting her the collection set of Fast and Furious 1-6. I know she loves the movies and while I am not that big of a fan she really is.

Thank you for reading. I know it had nothing to do with anything outside of my own little sphere but I appreciate your interest all the same. Have  a wonderful day.


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