Atlantis Pt. 4

The small room used for surveillance of new residents was a fairly bare place aside from the three desks and one display screen that showed the holding room for new residents. It currently watched John Grey closely to see if he would regain a sense of who he was.

The three people who shared this small confining space had the patience to lead new recruits through this process despite the fact it killed nearly one third of those who dare come and take their chance to enter the underground city of Atlantis.

Their desks took on their very personalities as they spent most of their lives in here talking with one another about the process of initiation less taxing on the bodies and minds of those who wish to find sanctuary in this lost city.

The first desk was rather large and well used though nothing was out of place on it. Old books lined the front of the desk and a few papers sat in a neat pile on the left side of the desk. There was an ink well and ink pen lying on the right side of the desk with some blank sheets of paper. A name plate rested against the books while old and worn it was easy to make out the word “Judge” followed by a name that had been clumsily written in by someone much more recently “Alice.”

The second desk was the smallest and while it was petite in nature it had the most stuff laid about it. Papers were scattered across it with many marks of ink on the wood itself from where someone had clumsily spilt onto the desk. While there was no name plate many of the papers had been signed by a Dr. Brumbeck.

The third desk held the display screen and had a small hand crank generator attached to the device. There were no papers laid about neither the desk nor anything else besides this device. The owner of this desk simply watched the screen and analyzed what he could see out loud for the other two to record and make decisions upon.

“Has his status changed at all?” Alice’s soft voice could barely be heard as it was full of emotion. After all it was she who decided that he had passed the initial test and therefore must go through this torturous event. She felt the guilt for all the ones who didn’t survive this ordeal and felt further guilt when she saw the scars on the ones who did survive.

Alice was addressing the owner of the third desk, though he rarely spoke she had a feeling that his thoughts were far from pleasant though he never took action and never spoke harshly to either of his coworkers. He was just strange and seemingly unfeeling for anyone other than himself. She waited patiently for his reply knowing that as soon as he started talking she would have to strain to keep up as he spoke, missing just one detail may be fatal for John Grey.

The owner of the third desk’s name was only known to those whom were closest to him most people just knew him by his chosen nickname, The Professor. His thoughts sped onward immediately considering all the emotion in her voice and why she works here despite her obvious efforts for the cause and her amount of work for the resistance. He soon came up with an obvious conclusion that made sense perfectly for why she was still only working in introducing new members and not leading parts of the resistance that actually fight back against the new government. “That’s her problem, she’s too soft and full of hope that one of these recruits will just waltz through the process without even noticing the pain. If she didn’t have such a soft heart she would be a perfect leader for our resistance.” If she had been able to read his mind her knew that she would have denied everything and then done something rash to prove her point but luckily she never asked about what he was thinking during the day to day.

The Professor spoke with a hushed tone knowing that the other two would have to strain to make out everything he said. “He remains in the same condition as usual. Sleeping, eating, considering thoughts of suicide, and a stubborn persistence to trek on and figure out what has happened to him. The shift in his weight to his left side indicates that his right side is suffering more pain then the left yet he tries to hide it despite the fact that he believes no one is watching him. Perhaps he thinks that by ignoring the pain it will just dissipate and he can become healthy. No matter what the case is; he needs to recover a sense of who he used to be before we can let him out and introduce him to life here in Atlantis.” The other two needed him because he saw everything while they could just analyze what he had already noticed and figured out a theory on. He had complete control over every aspect of their work relationship and yet he never took any credit for the work done.

Alice had been able to keep up with that rundown better than most but was still uneasy about the health of their newest tenant. “Would John Grey recover?” she certainly hoped that he would because then all of his work to get here would mean something more than being just another skeleton in her closet.

“Thank you, Professor.” Alice turned to the other member of the trio, “Doctor, do you think it wise to offer John some reason to live instead of containing him in there like some caged beast that has nothing more to live for?”

“You know our reasons for keeping him locked up. I know you sympathize for him and I wish that the process was not nearly this painful for anyone who is just seeking the same freedom that you and everyone in Atlantis shares. If he shows no signs of finding a reason to live himself in the next week, only then will I permit you leave to find a reason for him.” Brumbeck’s voice was that of someone who cared deeply but had an understanding and greater wisdom than most. He was by far the oldest person in the room and even among the oldest to hold a position of some power in the resistance.

Alice sat down and contemplated what she should do in a week when she would be given leave to give John a reason to live. She didn’t know enough about him to understand what would motivate him to live and continue onward and join Atlantis.


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