Background Music

Prompt- If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album?

Cue the Violins

Okay for me this a fun and interesting question. I love music. My Spotify has over 1500 songs on just one playlist. I listen to music as much as I can and with that I cover all genres. However the question is about my life in particular.

I think that rock suits my life best and more with that I would have to say a range of rock. Everything from Mumford  and Sons to Semisonic. Maybe some Adelle thrown in there. I know currently I would like to add Stolen Dance because it is my new favorite song. Hugh Laurie’s Unchain my Heart would make my list.

However my musical preference creates a bias for the music. I think I would love to see someone else make the soundtrack to see how they view my life versus how do I view my life. Because for me I have had a lot of pain almost all emotional. A few actual bruises while having fun but emotionally I have gone through a lot. But from the outside what does my life actually look like?

Here are ten that I would for sure include.

1. Missundastood by P!nk

2. Demons by Imagine Dragons

3. Secrets by Mary Lambert

4. Closing Time by Semisonic

5. Little Things by One Direction

6. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

7. Shawdows of the Night by Pat Benatar

8. Nature of the Beast by My Darkest Days

9. Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones

10. Peace Train by Cat Stevens

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful and hopeful day.

6 thoughts on “Background Music

  1. Shake It Off is my favorite song right now!! Great choice with that one & I like about all of your other songs as well.


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