The Gifts

So I went ahead and bought gifts for my entire family plus girlfriend. I know it is a bit early but I am a planner so they have all been ordered and are en route to my apartment. I hope you all enjoy what they are why I chose them.

A small note about my family that makes it so unique. I have two biologically related sisters from my mom and dad. Then two step-sisters brought into the family when my father remarried after the divorce. Now my father and Step-mom have two kids making them my half-sisters. I don’t generally classify them, they are all just my sisters.

Starting with the youngest of my sisters. She is not yet a year old, she will be one year old in December though so that is exciting. For her and the next oldest sister who will be turning 3 in February, I purchased 400 Megabloks. They had them at Walmart $10 for 100 bloks. (I know blocks is spelled wrong, company name for them.) They were the first gifts purchased and they are already wrapped thanks to my girlfriend. I think that my sisters will love the blocks and also be able to create a sizable disaster in my family’s living room.

For the next oldest who is a bit of a tom boy I bought her a set of Airsoft pistols. Now she will be able to compete with the next oldest when they decide to play some more. I get her things so she can play with the next oldest because they love being able to do everything together.

Now the next oldest recently became a massive fan of Anime and Manga’s. She told me that she would never watch an Anime without first reading the Manga’s. Being the one who showed her Ouran Host Club as her first Anime, I felt it would be fitting to continue that story. I bought her a set of badges and items from Attack on Titan.

Now we get into my 19 year old sisters. The younger of the two is biologically related to me and I bought her a Dr. Who journal of impossible things. She loves Dr. Who and will love this gift. The next is my step-sister and she is a huge fan of video games, so naturally I got her one that matched some of her past games. Alice the Madness Returns. I think it will match some of her other games she loved.

Now time for my parents. Starting with the one I see or speak to the least working up.

My biological mother is the one who first got me into reading comics. Now not like Batman or Superman comics. Specifically Get Fuzzy comics. So I went ahead and bought her one of the newer ones that was released. I also got her a movie that I grew up watching with her. Evita, with Madonna and Antonio Banderas.

My Father is being gifted a video game that has emerged on the market recently. A game by the name of Thief. Back when him and my mother where still together he played this game a lot. I tried to play it was really hard. However Xbox now has Thief so I got it for him.

For my Step-mom she was on the phone with me while I was picking out gifts for the others. Now I mentioned getting a bow for my two middle sisters because they would both really enjoy it. At this time she told me that she has been looking at getting a crossbow. Well I found a really good deal on a hand crossbow so I went ahead and bought it for her. That plus 36 extra bolts.

Now my girlfriend. She is the one who got me into Anime to begin with. I know she loves reading Manga’s and watching the Anime’s. I wanted originally to get her actual merchandise. But they would have taken to long to get here so instead I went ahead and looked at getting the actual shows. I went ahead and did this, the shows I got her are Ouran Host Club and Fruits Basket. The two that she first showed me and more or less brought us together. Now since her birthday is in January I went ahead and got her birthday gift. Fast and Furious the collection 1-6 all in one dvd series. Now I am not a big fan of the series but she loves them so why not bring a big smile to her face.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to share what your plans are for the coming holiday.


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