Natir Zahera

Natir is a Half-Orc Barbarian who is an outsider to the town of Sandpoint, she is a an exile to her real home and now wanders searching for a new place that will accept her as one of them.

The story of Natir is written by her player and I am simply posting it for you all to see as I tell you the story of the Rise of the Runelords campaign.

Natir Zahera traveled and wandered around for quite some time after being exiled from her home at the age of sixteen. Really it wasn’t her fault. Being an orphan was bad enough. So when she was trying out, or trying to qualify to be one of the town’s warriors. The test was to fight one the of the current remaining warriors. Apparently beating one of them in a short time was a bad idea. Instead of letting her be one the town warriors, they exiled her because she almost “killed” a current warrior. They didn’t quite like the fact that an orphan half-orc won against someone who had been protecting the town fr more than a few years. So they lied, after all who would believe a half-orc girl. So Natir gathered the few things she owned and left her home town. Natir now finds herself in Sandpoint and in running out of money.


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