Thanksgiving With My Father

Now on Thanksgiving a normal family eats a meal and gathers with family, then they most likely play a game of cards or something. Well my family is about the same except that we play every possible game except cards, and food is kind of a side attraction.

This year we played Forbidden Island, Saboteur, Lords of Waterdeep, Tokaido, and Red Dragon Inn. I will post a link to a Youtube video for all of these at least the ones that are played by Wil Wheaton on his show Tabletop because then you can all find out what the game really is.

First of all we played Forbidden Island where we worked together very well and nearly won the game. But the water rose the final time and we drowned.

Then we played a game of Saboteur. In the three games that we played I ended with only 1 total point while my father won with 8 points.

Sadly Saboteur is not done by Tabletop.

Next we played a good round of Red Dragon Inn that way more people would be ready to play when more people arrived later. WOOHOO I won this one. It helps that I own it.

This also is not on Tabletop.

Lords of Waterdeep came next the first time we played I pulled off second without really knowing what I was doing.

Tokaido was a ton of fun as I won this one by stealing friends, painting a mountain, and over all paying the most for items from the stores on my trip through Japan.

Next came a game of Red Dragon Inn where my grandparents even joined. Now this is a game where your characters are all drinking. Continuously my grandmother bought my 15 year old sisters character alcohol and was attempting to get her out of the game this way. It made for an entertaining evening.

Last game we played was another round of Lords of Waterdeep. I got the same Lord as the first game ironically and once again I got second place. Though this time only by 2 points.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day.


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