Rise of the Runelords Sessions 2

We left off with the heroes having discovered a very important journal. One that detailed the existence of some woman who was being turned into a demon by some unholy will, a goblin leader’s involvement with the raid on Sandpoint, and the impending doom of Sandpoint to the new raid of 200 goblins.

Now with this information the characters returned to the surface leaving a tunnel and cave system unexplored with unknown dangers lurking in the shadows. They did take to opportunity to ask the town guard to keep watch on the house and to seal the caves.

The characters at this point decided that they needed to rest and recover from the events that they have gone through in just a few short days. This town has become an exciting hub of activity and danger.

After resting at the Rusty Dragon Inn the characters made their way to Thistletop deciding that they were going to take on the goblin danger at this moment. Facing the upcoming battle against Ripnugget and his war band the characters were cautious on their approach relying on some measure of stealth. Though when they arrived at Thistletop they were a bit surprised but found the meaning behind the name.

Thistletop is on a cliff and protected by the ocean on one side while the only way overland to get to the goblin lair is through an immense spans of thistles. Taller than houses and thick enough a man can not walk through.

Durella had the idea to burn the goblins out. Using her cantrip Spark she set about lighting the entire cliff on fire. Burning down the thistles that protected the goblin lair. (The characters think that the thistles were the lair).

In response the goblins all fled back into the safety of their real lair and the compounds that would keep them safe. However one of the goblin champions went out to defend the goblins and put an end to the characters.

Gogmurt with his animal companion Tangletooth walked through the thistles with ease thanks to some of Gogmurt’s spells. Tangletooth attacked from the front while Gogmurt flanked the characters. Together they are normally frightening duo but against the characters and with their homes burning down around them. The pair stood no chance against the mighty heroes of Sandpoint.

After defeating Gogmurt and Tangletooth the characters headed back to Sandpoint. Leaving the Thistletop to burn for as long as the fire naturally continued. The smoke was easily seen from the town of Sandpoint and so everyone knew that something big had happened on the cliffs. (Unknown to everyone the characters had only managed in killing a single goblin and its pet.)

Now with their own feelings of accomplishment and that they had at least slowed the goblin plans to kill all of Sandpoint, the characters turned their attention back to the tunnel and caves below Sandpoint in the Glassworks.

They made their way back into the basement where they had found Ameiko and started through a door they had left unexplored. Deeper they went finding nothing but more tunnel for a long time. When suddenly the cave just ended. Milah however was able to find the outline of a door and let the characters into a new cave system.

From here they descended into the Catacombs of Wrath. Where they would encounter their most fearsome foes yet. As they walked the first cave they put their head in had already been claimed by a Sinspawn. It was an interesting opponent but quickly fell to their mighty attacks.

As they explored the caves and rooms down here they characters found idols and the symbol of a seven pointed star all around. This is all foreshadowing to the events throughout the rest of the campaign.

The characters found themselves descending down some stairs and into a washroom. Where upon entering they were attacked by a flying head. Its wings looked like those of a bats. This creature attacked relentlessly and led to the collapse of Vina and Chet.

They would survive having only been affected by this creatures sonic attacks. They killed the creature and left this room behind them. Though they would later return to use this as a place to rest because it offered a measure of security.

They then walked into an old prison. In here Durella led the way down some stairs only to be met by the bites and claws of more Sinspawn. They dropped Durella though did not kill her in just a few seconds. The rest of the characters ran to Durella’s aid. Vina leading the way wearing her heavy armor and swinging her sickle. Next came Milah both daggers out and working away at the creatures. They saw her wearing a lack of armor and moved in for the kill. They wounded her until she was unconscious, though did not kill her either. Natir came next hammer in hand and quickly put an end to one of them. Chet watched all of this working on a spell that would end the other Sinspawn.

Now with much of the party nearly dead or having been greatly injured they healed everyone back to full. They talked amongst themselves and decided that the best course of action at this point would be to press on. Seeking to finish the fight down here right now.

They found their way into a room filled with broken and decaying boards. Also in the room was something they had never seen before. A goblin named Koruvus had become mutated and now called this home. He saw the characters enter and spewed blood at them. His blood now acidic and a deadly weapon of its own. Mercilessly he dove into the characters with sword, axe, and dagger. Milah took the brunt of the attacks as she led the charge against him. Natir tried to follow but fell into one of the holes covered by the boards. At the bottom of the hole Natir was met by the attacks of a zombie. Vina tried to offer assistance but could not get to Koruvus out of fear of falling into another one of the holes. Durella cast a spell that drained the goblin mutants strength and effectively made him less of a threat to them all. Chet stayed in the back sending spell after spell aimed at destroying this beast. In the end it would be Milah who would cut the goblins head off using both daggers in a viscous upwards strike that severed the spinal column. Natir killed the zombie with relative ease and hoisted herself out of the hole.

At this point the characters spent the time to uncover the holes and put to rest the bodies of the other zombies.

Now the characters all decided it was time to rest. Back to the room where the bat winged head was at. In here they slept and recovered as much as they could.

After resting the characters pushed onwards. Into a room where everything seemed to dangle in the air weightlessly. Electricity bounced around the room passing through the objects harmlessly. Durella tossed herself into the room and from inside recovered objects for the party to use. A wand, a scroll, and an ancient book written in an unknown language.

At last the characters arrived at the cathedral under Sandpoint. An unholy place of worship to Lamashtu. In here the characters would face their greatest opponent yet. Erylium a demon witch, when the party entered she cut herself and offered her blood into a well within the room. From the well rose two Sinspawn to meet the characters and defend their summoner.

Natir, Milah, and Vina concentrated on the Sinpawn. Hammering at them relentlessly with heavy blows or deft strikes. Chet and Durella entered a contest of spells with Erylium as curses and hexes filled the room. Erylium managed to move to hover above the well right as a sleep hex slipped through her defenses and she fell in. The well consumed her blood and drank wholly of everything Erylium had to offer, all the wrath she stored within her soul.

Out of the well poured 20 more Sinspawn. A number the characters knew they could not hope to defeat. Using all of their resources the characters made their defense while trying to get people out of the room. Vina and Natir were trapped inside. Chet summoned a ball of fire in hopes of using it to clear a path. Durella used her crossbow and used a hex to make her hair a weapon of its own. Vina managed to get to the door and set herself up to defend her allies that made it through. Natir was overwhelmed and killed where she stood by the wave of Sinspawn. Milah was told to flee and get help from the guards.

Durella, Chet, and Vina made their stand knowing they were not likely to walk out of here alive. They stood their ground unmoving to the Sinspawn for several minutes. Healing when they got hurt and using everything they had to damage the oncoming Sinspawn. Buying more time for the town. None of them expected to live. But through it all Vina stood in the door and her allies offered ranged support. When the time had passed Vine stood bloody and victorious with her allies still alive at her back. Natir was dead and beyond recognizing. They had won a great victory but sadness was felt by all of the remaining characters.

End of Session 2.


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