Tonight my college organization that I am the president of will kick off dead week (The week before college finals) with a bang. We are hosting a 12 hour long gaming lock in at one of our local game stores. 29 members of the 40+ we boost will be in attendance.

This is our big event and it will be going from 8 pm tonight until 8 am Sunday morning. We use a pun and swear jar as our ongoing fund raiser for events such as these. (Anytime anyone swears or says a pun they owe a dollar to the jar.)

There are three other officers for this organization and I know they are equally as excited about being there to have an all night gaming party. Now I know that when I say gamer some of you are thinking the stereotypical overweight 40 year old man who lives in the basement. I am proud in my organization for breaking stereotypes. We have a larger female then male population, just starting to see a mix or ethnicity, and a scattering of college majors all over the spectrum. As for the overweight bit, people are of all shapes and sizes, there is no gamer mold.

At the Lock-In we are giving away about $200 value of door prizes. 4 board games donated by Game On. 2 video games bought from Game Stop. They will be given away at 2 hour intervals as encouragement for people to stick around. All snackage is also provided. Hopefully there is enough stuff present to feed a small army. It doesn’t start til 8 pm so hopefully they had some sort of supper before coming.

The Troll’s Den is where the event is being held and they are not only providing their space but they are also bringing in a 3 person couch and 60″ plasma tv for us to use. They will also have the register open all night in case anyone decides they need something more for gaming. Though I myself knowing this group do not anticipate many sells during the night, neither does the store owner.

Another member is bringing his own tv while another member is bringing all of his systems. Between everyone the two tvs will have games on them all night.

I am bringing Warhammer 40k, Warmahordes, X-Wing, Sentinels Tactics, and some books for reading. I will be teaching people how to play these minis games and also offering help with putting models together and painting them. (Since only a few people play, I will also have some Pathfinder stuff there to work on.)

Most of our gamers play board games like Munchkin. With this in mind there will be 7 tables left available for people to play as many board games as they want. I know that Cards Against Humanity will be a big one. Now how does that work with the pun and swear jar- if its on the card they are reading, it doesn’t count.

All in all I am very excited for this event and a wonderful kick off before dead week leading into finals.

Thank you for reading. I hope that you have a wonderful day and evening.


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