Need Sleep

I got back from the Lock-In event and I must say, I was exhausted. I had been awake over 24 hours and was starting to lose some functioning abilities. I had an amazing time however as did the 29 other people. Prizes were handed out though my organization members treated them as an after thought to all the fun that they were having. It was amazing. This time unlike the last two of these events they actually devoured all of the food that was placed before them. Something that I was worried about (taking food home), was not an issue at all because there was nothing left. I played so many games and all in all had a great time. Played some games I hadn’t in a while and now I really want to play them again. My bank account did not like me last night however. I get payed the 19th so that’ll cover what I spent tonight.

Thank you for reading, good night.


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