Henry’s Big Day

Prompt- Write down the letters of the ABC. For each one, choose a word that begins with that letter. Now, write a post about anything — using all the words you’ve selected.

A- Around
B- Blonde
C- Cat
D- Dungeon
E- Ear
F- Falling
G- Ground
H- Hover
I- Indigo
J- Jewel
K- Kick
L- Lake
M- Mountain
N- Next
O- Orange
P- Powder
Q- Quilt
R- Rolled
S- Stop
T- Twitch
U- Under
V- Van
W- Wandering
X- Xenophopic
Y- Yurt
Z- Zigzaggy

It was a bright and sunny day as the orange cat rolled around in the grass near his owners van. He was fat and happy as he spent much of the afternoon watching his blonde owner wandering around in the distance. The cat’s name was Henry and he loved spending his days watching over this clumsy creature who fed him and carried him place to place. Today his owner had taken him up onto a mountain, transporting him inside a miniature dungeon that was made of a material called plastic. Upon arrival Henry was released into the open though told to stay near the lake. The stupid object that held him to a stake ensured that he could’t disobey.

Suddenly Henry felt a twitch in his ear and as he turned to take a look he saw a shape in the grass moving towards him in a zigzaggy fashion. It was long and slender like the brown objects his owner sometimes threw for the xenophobic dog. It was moving directly towards him. Henry panicked and ran towards the quilt where he was staked next to. He ran as hard as he could, intending to hide under the quilt of his master. Before he had even made it his master ran up to Henry took aim and kicked, hitting the strange slithery creature that had been chasing him. As Henry came to a stop before the quilt he looked up at his owner and gave a mew in thanks.

After taking a few moments to calm down and find a new place to lay, this time on the quilt, Henry’s thoughts turned to food. He saw his owner eating something out of a paper bag, he was using a stick to dip into the bag and then it came out with some sort of powder. Henry watched in amazement as his owner not only ate the powder but the stick as well. Henry tried to get some from his owner by rubbing against him but to no avail. Deciding that he was going to die of starvation Henry started singing the song of his life, when suddenly food was placed before his slowly decaying frame. Without a second thought Henry finished his meal and went off in search of a place to nap.

While taking his nap Henry dreamed of something very strange. In his dream Henry awoke in a yurt, it was filled with many strange things from a far away land. As he explored the yurt Henry was intrigued by a glowing object in the corner of the room. He approached it letting his curious nature guide him, he could see that it was a jewel of some kind. Indigo? What happened next came as a surprise to him.

He was suddenly falling very fast towards the ground. As the wind came whooshing by his head Henry felt exhilarated by the sheer adrenaline rush from the sensation of falling. Henry stopped, he was above the ground just hovering. Henry’s one thought at the moment was, “I learned to hover?”

Henry woke up as he was placed inside the van of his owner. He had slept through the rest of his adventure and through his owner packing up the van. Now he would have to return to his little dungeon and meow the rest of the ride home. Henry couldn’t wait to tell the dog about his adventures. Maybe he would say there was a cute poodle there as well 😉


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