Almost To Break

Ok I am all done with my finals and am ready for break to start. Before break can officially begin for me however I have to take care of my residents first. Yay being responsible and doing my job.

So over the next couple days I have several residents who will be moving out and with each of them I will be evaluating their apartments/charging for damages. I do not anticipate charging a whole to people because in general this community takes care of their apartments. What it does mean however is I will be putting in some extra hours helping people get checked out of their rooms.

The 20th my break will actually start and on that day my girlfriend and I are headed to my family christmas, followed by my immediate family christmas, then our personal christmas, then a day at my moms followed with that side of my families christmas. Next we take the trip that night to her dads house for christmas followed by that sides family christmas, visit her mother and her side somewhere in there, all with me being back at the university by the 28th.

It will be hectic but I think fun at the same time. I can’t wait.

Thank you all for reading, sorry about the delay in posts.


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