Christmas Time With Me

Okay I will begin from the start which is the morning of the 20th, at 5:48 AM. My girlfriend was not impressed with us getting ready and then leaving at such an early hour but I wanted to maximize the amount of time with family because I knew I would be back here soon enough. So on the road for a nice 2 hour drive to my fathers house followed by another 30 minutes into the middle of nowhere. AKA the ranch. Once we were there we hung out with all of my family during the day. All of my family on my dad’s side to be specific. We ate way to much food and did a gift exchange thing that was a lot of fun. I ended up with a brain puzzle and my girlfriend got 2.5 lbs of chocolate.

After that we did Christmas with just my immediate family at my dads house. Now because on the 30th they are coming my home and bringing all of my siblings, the 21st was more of a intro to the gifts on the 30th. I got a pound of dice to play D&D etc…

The 22nd my girlfriend and I did our gift exchange. I got her two complete series of Anime, Ouran Host Club and Fruits Basket. She got me a Game of Thrones blanket, Monsters Vs. Aliens, a Borderlands Wall Scroll, and a House M.D. t-shirt. What I learned from this is that she is amazing and likes lots of little gifts rather then a couple big gifts, so for her birthday coming up I have a new plan of attack.

Now on the 23rd we went to my mothers and spent the day helping her prepare for the 24th when all of my family showed up to celebrate xmas there. From my mother I got Formula D and Deathnote the complete series. From my grandparents; Sherlock season 1 and 3, Lords of Waterdeep, and Descent. I am very excited to play all of my new board games =).

Now we went to my girlfriends house where I met her parents for the first time. They were amazing to meet. I had a lot of fun getting to know them and despite all of the little kids running around it was a relaxing time. We stayed around the house and had a lot of fun just talking. Though the last night I was there we went to the bar where I got to here her mom sing Karaoke, she was pretty good.

I guess that should be mentioned, I have 6 younger sisters, she has 4 younger sisters and a younger brother. So yeah lots of little kids. Hers are all younger then mine though for the most part.

Thank you for reading. I hope you had a wonderful winter break season thing.


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