Getting In Better Shape

Ok confession time.

I am unhappy with my weight. Big surprise seeings as it appears that lots of people we know tend to be unhappy in some way about their weight. Well I am 5’10 and 205 lbs. I don’t look it apparently and people are always surprised when they find out how much I actually weigh. But I can see it and I keep comparing myself to when I was in high school and 160 lbs. Now granted I was 17 and am now 21 so there is a difference in body maturity. So I am shooting for about 180 lbs for my weight. Now to help me along I made a program for myself that is based on some of the things I remember from all the sports I played in high school.

It is on a positive punishment system. Which I know is not the most effective it would work better if it was positive reinforcement. However here it is.

For 1 TV Show Episode- 5 push ups, 5 1,2,ups, and 15 crunches

For 1 Pop- 5 push ups, 20 1,2,ups, and 20 jumping jacks

For 1 Movie- 40 high knees, 40 butt kicks, and 20 jumping jacks

For 1 Hour of Video Games- 20 side crunches, 5 clap ups, and 20 jumping jacks

M/W/F- 30 crunches, 10 push ups, 40 side crunches, 5 clap ups, 40 1,2,ups, 1 minute leg ups, and 10 V ups

T/Th/S- 20 push ups, 1 minute wall squat, 10 crunches, 10 clap ups, 20 jumping jacks, and 20 1,2,ups

Sunday- 30 1,2,ups, 30 jumping jacks, 30 butt kicks, and 30 high knees

Now I know that individually these dont seem like much, but the plan is that I tally up after I get home and done for the evening. Then I do all of it at once. Then after I complete that days work out even if I watch more shows or do something that adds to the tallies that night it gets added to the next day. Like today I watched 10 episodes, drank 2 pops, and it is monday. So I did 70 push ups, 180 crunches, 40 side crunches, 5 clap ups, 130 1,2,ups, 1 minute leg ups, 40 jumping jacks, and 10 V ups.

Thank you for reading. If you have suggestions or comments that would be helpful or better please feel free to help. I am out of practice since getting out of all sports 4 years ago and basically doing nothing physical since.


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