An Idea, Should I Pursue It?

Alex Lang thought himself lucky as he wandered home from the bar with a beautiful woman at his side. They had hit off from the start of the night though he couldn’t recall her name. At this point there was no need to ask she had made it clear that tonight it was going to be just the two of them and all the time in the world to have some fun. If he had been a smarter man he might have noticed that she never touched the drink in front of her and all the while kept a steady flow of drinks in front of him, but he was not a smart man and this night was going perfectly.

As they made their way down the street towards his apartment, or as Alex called it his bachelor pad, the woman kept reaching inside her purse as if comforting herself by touching something within. Alex’s only thought at that moment was maybe she had some condoms stashed inside. Little did he know this night would end with a much different bang.

At last when they reached the complex where Alex lived the woman shoved him against the wall and thrust her hands down into his pants. Finding what one would expect she kissed him solidly on the lips and pulled her hands back out.

“Get us inside and we’ll take care of that.”

Alex in eagerness fumbled with the key before managing to get the door unlocked letting them into the dark lit apartment. He went to turn on the light by the bed suddenly her hand caught his. She turned him around and looked directly into his eyes. They were ablaze with passion.

“Don’t turn on the lights; we are going to do some things that only belong in the dark.” She whispered lust filling her voice as she shoved up against him. She let his grabby hands work their magic in getting both her and his clothes off all the while she worked out a way to get what she wanted from this drunk.

“I have an idea, I brought along some toys to make the night more interesting. Let me go and get them.”

Alex could only stand there as she walked away, her nearly naked form hidden in the dark of the room. He stood there as she bent down and got something out of her purse. As she moved back towards him he saw that she was carrying a pair of furry handcuffs. He laughed this night was going to be one for the books he thought as he allowed here to clasp his hands behind his back in the cuffs. He turned to look at her right as she smashed a lamp into his head.

Knocked to the ground Alex tried to get free. Who was this woman! Why would she do that! He struggled to his knees in time to see her grab something else from her purse. She put the object to his head and then pulled the trigger. The pistol blew apart his skull shattering any last thoughts Alex had about his life. The woman stood there blankly for a few moments before returning to her purse.

She spent only enough time in the room to don a pair of gloves, collect the bullet casing, and write the words “get detective Grey”; before fleeing the scene. She left down the fire escape where she had hid some spare clothes waiting. Dressing hurriedly she covered herself in large baggy clothing to cover any blood that may have got on her. Into the night she went, an overdressed woman to any who may see her.


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