Gay Rights

I know that this could both gain and lose readers of my blog but I figured I would spice things up a bit on my blog. After all it is a collection of my thoughts, why not put somethings I believe in on here. So my opinions of gay rights.

For starters I have a sister who is a lesbian and know many who have a nontraditional relationship. I really believe that as long as the partners in the relationship are happy then it is pure.

There are those who argue against it for religious reasons, institutional reasons, etc… But really what are they fighting against? Do they know?

Religiously, I have problems with this argument for many reasons. #1 being that I myself am not religious. I also think that people try to hide how they really feel behind religions claiming that it is not them but their deity that says it is wrong.

On the institutional basis I find it odd that brother and sister can marry before two men or two women. It amazes me that we would rather allow this behavior despite the known side effects that it can have on future generations. While there are no side effects from growing up in a gay household.

In any case I support gay rights. Now I do not like the fanatical few that belong to the gay community who shove it down your throat every time you talk to them. I treat them like everyone else because honestly they are just like everyone else except they like the same-sex. Truly I find nothing wrong with that in the least, while I may not be gay myself I can still support a population being suppressed.

Thank you for reading, I know it may not be easy to read or something you agree with but thank you all the same.


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