My Father

Prompt- Who’s your hero? Tell us a story about why that person plays such an important role in your life.

My Hero

There are so many stories as to why I would say that he is my hero. So I will just sum up a few ways that he has affected my life.

My father is the one who made it ok for me to be a gamer. He is himself and because of his willingness to teach me how to play games and have fun, I have many friends from gaming, am president of a student organization dedicated to gaming, and many other things.

He used to read lengthy books to us kids and now to this day I read massive amounts of books on various subjects. There are no limits to the imagination. Also because of this I find that I am more accepting of things that are different because in reading many things are just different.

I learned how to work from my father as well. In all of my jobs my supervisors have only good things to say about me and most of the time the biggest complaint is I work too hard and need to take breaks. But I am going to apply for my masters degree and then most likely my PHD so it cant be all bad right?

He has protected me from danger. I grew up on a ranch and one winter evening we were trying to get the cattle up against a treeline for protection. Well I was on foot with my dog and my father was in the pickup leading the herd while I was trailing behind keeping the stragglers moving. Well one of the cows was sick and being young at the time I didnt know better but she turned on me. She had decided she would rather charge me then take another step towards the treeline. I don’t know how my father knew but mid charge the pickup flew between me and the cow. Just one example of my father being a hero in my life.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.


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