Loving Your Work

A fellow blogger who inspires me and has (in my opinion) wise insight posted this to their page. Do What You Love, Love What You Do

In reading what she wrote I found myself inspired. I couldn’t help but nod my head or find myself thinking that this has very real truth to it. I think that introspectivejen is truly a great writer after all writing is about providing others with some sort of inspiration and she was able to do so with me.

So here is my reply/notes of my own on the same subject.

In the idealistic world that throughout Elementary and High School we are taught to believe in, yes we would be able to find a job doing something that we love for every second of every day. But if the teachers paused and thought for more than 30 seconds about inspiring us with words of finding our perfect job then they would realize that we aren’t that dumb.

We are old enough to understand that there are people working at Walmart, McDonalds, and as Garbage Collectors. Now while we may rely on these people because they are there everyday giving everyone else the benefits of their work, I can guarantee that many of them would rather have other jobs and are unhappy with their current employment.

They do not work these jobs because they love what they do but because they need the income. As we graduate from High School what happens to us now? We go off to college or join the work force. Though more and more people are going to college because it is “needed”. Some people actually do find jobs that they can say they love going to every single day but honestly I doubt very many people do.

It is childish and naive to think that you are going to get a job where you are able to do what you love. For myself I thought that I wanted to be a teacher. Was dead set on it for years since 8th grade until this year in college I was going to be a teacher. Now not so much I changed my major and now am going into History so that I can work for a University in Residence Life or another student system on campus.

I can say I love my current job but what am I sacrificing? I go home to see my family twice a semester, rarely see my siblings, and there are days where I am working customer service with residents for 24-36 hours straight because we even have a duty phone for over nights. I can get a call and be expected to respond every minute of every day. So the job is stressful. But I do like what I do, I am a caretaker of sorts for nearly a hundred people and am responsible for their safety on campus.

But to get here what did I do? I worked for years on a ranch which I hated the ranch owner but loved the work itself. Worked at Target, I could zone out and just go to work for hours. I worked as a pollinator for a corn company. All of these jobs don’t match what I want to do for the rest of my life but I had to do them to advance myself to where I am today.

To answer some questions from the inspiring blog.

Yes, sometimes we should do some things we hate.

Yes, what most needs doing should take precedence over personal desires.

No, we should not always do what we love.

I will be honest my “dream job” is not one many people choose because it is stressful and carries extreme risk if something goes wrong. It is a very political world, but some people need to do it. I think I am suited for the task and it keeps me near the place I love which is college. I won’t love every part of the job but I can find my own fulfillment in it, which I think is more important then; Do what you love, love what you do.

Thank you for reading and thank you IntrospectiveJen


2 thoughts on “Loving Your Work

  1. I really enjoyed reading! I’ve said this before, but I am so glad my writing was able to inspire you. I really loved your input on this subject and found it interesting to read since it’s from a different perspective. Also, I’d definitely agree with you on your answers to the questions stated on my blog post.


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