Trepidation- I feel this anytime I write. I worry that people will not enjoy what I have to say or will find my premise silly and uneducated. As some of you know I posted an idea for a story I had on here a couple days ago. Since then I have done nothing with it. I would like to work on it but I can’t convince myself to do so. It is like with everything I try and write for pleasure, I don’t make it very far because I am afraid. Afraid that it is pointless and stupid. I start doubting my work and upon reading back through it I convince myself that it is poorly written.

I struggle with writing for pleasure. This is one more purpose this blog is helping with. I write on here everyday for fun and enjoyment. It should help me be more comfortable with my writing for fun. I don’t doubt my academic writing near as much but for some reason I do this.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day.


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