Being A Hall Director

To begin with let me clarify what this job is or at least what it is where I am acting in the role of one.

A Hall Director is the overseer of one building housing students. This can be anywhere from the smallest building of about 100 students to the largest one on my campus of about 700 students. The Hall Director is responsible for the Health and Safety of everyone in their building. More than that they are also there to ensure that those students are having a great college experience.

The Hall Director has a staff of Resident Assistants who all report to the Hall Director about their individual areas that they live in. In this manner they are the first to respond to an incident and the Hall Directors will be the next level of response during any event. The Hall Director is responsible for everything that happens in their individual hall, but if they are the ones on duty they are also responsible for all emergency events in every hall on campus. In my case there are 11 different Resident Halls. They are also responsible for the conduct cases that occur in their building as well as the sanctions that will be placed on the students for their actions.

Overall it is a fairly stressful job living in a building with anywhere from 100-700 students of whom you are responsible for. You must address all of their concerns and keep up with all the changes that are happening for them as they go through classes. On top of everything you are also a student. In my case I am still an undergraduate taking 14 credit hours, while most of the Hall Directors are graduate students taking 6-9 credit hours.

For me I love the job. It is a bit overwhelming some days but it offers a lot of fantastic benefits. Every single day I know I accomplished something. Whether it is taking care of a bug concern, missing package, roommate disagreement, or whatever else walked through my office door during the day. No day is ever alike, there may be similar situations, but never is there a repeated day.


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