Stories to Tell

An organization (AoG or Association of Gamers) that I helped start at my University holds a bi annual lock in at one of the local game stores (The Troll’s Den). This year for the Lock-In I am running a total of 6 sessions of gaming. Each one will last for 2 hours and will be based loosely on a video game or movie to help draw interest in tabletop RPGs. For this I am using the Savage Worlds system though my overall favorite is Rolemaster or Pathfinder.

The following are the prompts I am giving people to sign up for each of my sessions. I am allowing five people per session and they be given pre-built characters just to help speed everything along and then we can dive directly into the story.

Red Dawn (9 PM – 11 PM) – The Chinese have invaded, no I don’t know why. Be prepared for a lot of open answer questions as you figure out how to survive in this new world and save your friends/family.

Borderlands (11 PM- 1 AM) – This will be a shoot first and ask questions later session. Lots of back to back combat with very little time to actually ask yourself why you are on a meteor looking for a vault.

Zombicide (1 AM- 3 AM) – You are all 1950’s housewives with ridiculous weapons of mass destruction. Lots of fast paced killing of those wretched monsters who are threatening to ruin the neighborhood picnic later this week.

Guardians (3 AM – 5 AM) – The Brothers Grimm are spreading their own versions of the real stories in fairy-tales threatening the happiness of every child as their favorite stories turn to darkness. Figure out the Brothers plans and stop them before they ruin every child’s view of their heroes.

Feldyher (5 AM – 7 AM) -You are your villages best warriors tasked to defeat the great fire wyrm Feldyher. In this epic tale you will live up to the legends of Beowulf as you hunt down and kill this evil dragon.

Fast and Furious 300 (7 AM- 9 AM) – Dam is looking for a crew to pull off a job as his crew pulls off the actual job. He fully discloses that you are meant to be the distraction and is shocked when the job you pull ends up being the real deal and he becomes the minor distraction.


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