Life Updates

So today I learned that one of my 6 sisters, Krynn, who just had a baby is back in the hospital. She was admitted with a kidney infection, however now it has become a blood infection. She is in pretty bad shape with a fever of 104, and she so far is not responding well to antibiotics.

The baby was home with her wife and their … boyfriend? My step-mom stopped in to check on them and learned that these two were failing to care for the baby while the mom was away. So she now has the child and is taking excellent care of my niece.

My sister does not seem to get the gravity of her current condition as she keeps joking about the whole situation while lying in a hospital under constant surveillance. Either that or she is just trying to stay strong for herself. Living in a family of realists/pessimists sometimes can be a downer as we all inform her about what a blood infection can lead to.

My biological mother made the trip to go see her and on the way stopped to give me some cash to pay for the parts for my vehicle. (Thank you Mom). Then she continued on. My father actually made the trip down to help get my vehicle running despite what is happening with my sister. I definitely feel loved by my parents. My car is now running, but my sisters condition has not improved much. Fever at 100 and still unresponsive to antibiotics with a blood infection.


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