Waste of Time

SO… I am paying $885 (5 credits x $177/credit) dollars to take a class, another $225 for the book that is being used. In essence I am paying enough money for my education that I feel like this class should spend it’s time wisely and to encourage my education in the subject.

Today we all got in a circle and read a book out loud, passing the book around taking turns reading a page and showing everyone the pictures. Because yes, it is a children’s book about a mole who is investigating who pooped on its head.

The story goes on and on introducing children to all of these farm animals and teaching them that all of their poop looks different. Until the end of the story the mole finds out the dog did it, and then poops on the dogs head.

There is no moral lesson, there is no real education other than about poop, is it really a good book for children? On top of that why for a class where you are teaching college students German. Yes it was in German, but was it really the best use of time?

The next thing that we did in class was play hangman for 40 minutes. Really!? Okay, lets get something educational out of it by using words from the chapter we are currently in. Nope, we don’t know them well enough, they have to be words from any other chapter.

Very frustrating class as someone who has been in college for five years. I just would like to get through the class and get some real educational value.


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