The Great Forest Alasee

In a year, long before man walked the earth the First Tree sprouted. For several hundred years the First Tree simply grew, growing larger as the only living thing in the land. As it grew, the First Tree breathed life into the world around it.

Grass began to grow, bushes sprouted out of the earth, and the first lifeforms began to walk the earth. The First Tree eventually began to bud and make seeds. In the year 1,000 a great wind came up and carried the seeds over the land.

These began to sprout and grow, becoming a great many things. The elves believe that this is when the races were born. The forest was born in this instance as well, bringing about what would become the kingdom of the elves. The other great races like Humans and Dwarves would leave the forest and spread to the other areas of the world where the First Tree would not have as much of a reach. Leaving the elves to rule over the forest, they would name the forest Alasee, representing the hope that this forest gives them.

The lesser races like Goblins and Orcs would have to find their own way in the world living wherever they could find a place, feeling abandoned by their creator they would turn to darkness.

It is now the year 10,018 and the Queen of the Forest is Lady Glissadre. With her royal council the Lady Glissadre will invite the Heroes of this realm to a special ceremony to celebrate their great deeds protecting the Great Forest Alasee and with that the First Tree.


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