Day 1, D&D Challenge


How you got started.

I am only 22 years old but I have been playing D&D since I was about 11. My father was big into AD&D and he kept that passion through the years getting the newer editions. At 11 I learned how to play from him and 2 of our cousins around my father’s age. We played in a 3.5 campaigns including more famous ones like, The Temple of the Spider Queen (this one was much later in life).

My father is who got me into gaming and started my whole inspiration to make it a large part of who I am. Teaching me to play Warhammer 40k, Rolemaster, Mechwarrior, Battletech, Magic the Gathering, etc..

So I may only have 11 years of gaming experience but that is literally half my life. Now I run Pathfinder which is really just 3.5 with the minor changes that needed to happen. As the DM I memorize as many of the rules as I can, acting as the encyclopedia for my gaming group.

After getting started so young, I will never stop. And I am okay with that.


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