So this year for Thanksgiving, Tori wanted to also bring a friend along to her parents house since this friend would otherwise be alone for Thanksgiving. This sounds like a very nice thing to do for a friend right?

Well we brought Jordyn along and made sure she would be with people over the holiday. The second night that we were staying at Tori’s parents house we ran the dart tournament that I posted about earlier.

Running A Dart Tournament

Well at the tournament we got lots of alcohol given to us. I stayed sober, drove us home, finished running the tournament, and did that kind of stuff. She on the other hand got extremely drunk. Started boasting that she could out drink our host and then preceded to break down in tears. Also she was constantly begging for more drinks without paying for any. I am hoping that her feeling sick the entire next will teach her some humility but I doubt it.

I felt that she was showing great amounts of disrespect and was not setting a good example for who Tori and I are friends with.


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