Running A Dart Tournament

For Thanksgiving Break I am at my girlfriend’s (Tori’s) family house. We went to a family tradition of theirs were they host a dart tournament for anyone who comes. It was a five dollar buy in and then the top four players take home cash prizes. Tonight 4th- $80, 3rd $120, 2nd $170, 1st $240. The bar donated some cash to the prize pool to support the community.

I am actually writing this a whole hour after completing the Tournament. (And after several umm adult drinks.)

My girlfriend and I walked into the Tournament with her parents who were helping run the whole thing and ended up helping get things moving. We ended up making the brackets for the 46 teams (92 players). With the double elimination this meant a total of 2 brackets.

After completing the brackets we ended up creating the roster/randomizing all of the people to create the teams. We read of the teams and got everything ready.

By the end of the night myself and Tori were running the whole event, plus handing out the cash prizes. I was getting some tips for doing a great job in the form of these amazing adult drinks. Though I only had three over the course of 5 hours because I was responsible for getting everyone that I went with home.

Overall it was a good night, I got to meet many of Tori’s family members that I had not met before, and I was allowed a chance to do some critical thinking.


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