Surrounded by Children

My plans over Thanksgiving Break included working on my Pathfinder Campaign that I will be running for my friends this coming Spring Semester. As you may have guessed this plan of mine is in shambled due to being “Surrounded by Children”.

Tori has five younger siblings, 1 of which is about 19 and is not a problem at all. But 4 of them are all around the age of 10 and have extreme attachment problems due to the fact that their parents work all the time. Leaving them away from them a lot of the time (Their parents keep them going in sports and other activities until they get off work to go).

Tori and I brought a friend, Jordyn, along on this trip to her house. Making it so there are 4 of us older teenagers and 4 of them. It makes it a lot easier in terms of keeping their attention and doing things like that. But it also means that my campaign has had very little work done on it.

Ah Well, family is more important. Plus there is always Winter Break ;).


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