Day 4, D&D Challenge


Favorite Die or Dice. – Realized I did Day 5 on Day 4. I will fix this tomorrow.

Now being a person who plays a lot of role-playing games you might would think that the staple for all gaming would be my favorite. However I have incredibly bad luck and the d20 aka 20 sided die is a bad thing for me to be rolling.

The d6 is also bad, I think it can just sense that I have bad luck with most board games that use this standard die. Therefore when I roll it the worst events occur.

The d4 is very fun and while I enjoy rolling this tiny caltrop it has a 1 in 4 chance of making me suffer. My look still needs some cushion. Plus a spiked die that could fall onto the floor to be stepped on, not a good idea for me to be rolling.

The d10’s also known as percentile. My friends and I have a system for random encounters. The DM has a set amount of numbers that if they roll between them the party has an encounter. Well the choice of high or low rotates around the party at the table. Is it bad when everyone in the party is getting their gear ready for an encounter when it is my turn to choose high or low?

The d8, now here is a die that can make everything okay. It is the standard for a longbow and as an archer I don’t have to worry as much about being killed in an encounter. Until something gets past the fighters. My favorite character used this die for her longsword, loved it.

The d12, the die that only Barbarians love. This die is my favorite, I am not sure why. It just seems to like me back and for this reason I love to play the badass with an axe.


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