After Thanksgiving

Finally is all I can say now that I am back in school after a long Thanksgiving Break.

I know that not many people would have the same opinion as me on this issue seeings as during the break you can see your family, eat great food, and relax a bit in good company.

For the most part I would agree with all that. Except I also like to have some breathing room during my holidays. I posted some about what happened during my Thanksgiving Break so now I will just do a general overview.

Day 1- Nov. 25th
We arrive at the house of my girlfriend’s parents. We all get out of my car Tori, Jordyn, and Jordyn’s dog. Tori greets her parents and we all move into the house. Where Jordyn’s dog and their dogs will fight and growl and bark at each other the rest of the break.

Day 2- Nov. 26th
We ran a Dart Tournament for Tori’s family. You can read my post about that by following the link. Overall Day 2 was pretty good except for what happened with Jordyn. She showed a lack of Respect towards our host and her friends, in my opinion of course.

Day 3- Nov. 27th
Tori, Jordyn, and I were home with the kids all day. Tori has 5 younger siblings 1 of which is old enough to help care for the other 4. Individually all of her siblings are okay but together in the same room they have problems with listening, respect, eating, electronics, really kind of little nightmares to take care of. They can be quite fun though at times, and again when they are separated. In any case not restful.

Day 4- Nov. 28th
A day without anyone home except for Tori, Jordyn, the oldest of Tori’s siblings, and I. This was a great day. We took advantage of the quite by sleeping til nearly noon and then watching movies while drinking wine during the afternoon.

Day 5- Nov. 29th
We left by noon, well a bit afterwards. We had Ice Cream Cake and said our farewells before getting on the road. On the way home we drove by 4 car accidents and an over turned Semi. Not the calmest of driving condition.

Needless to say I am kinda glad to be home. I got to sleep comfortably and deeply, yay! Now if only my college had as good as food as I got over break.


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