Day 8, D&D Challenge


Favorite PC Of Your Own.

Wow this is a very difficult one to decide. I have played so many characters. For one campaign alone I had over 13 characters, yeah due to death.

I think my absolute favorite is Sara. Last name, it depended on the year.

Sara was an Ellen a race that is immortal to the passage of time. She was a Psion who believed in her party for support. She joined a group of travelers and was soon falling in love with the group.

After one encounter with a group of rogues who used traps and secret tunnels to evade and confuse the party Sara felt that the party needed a rogue of their own. So she learned the art of picking locks and finding traps.

Later during an encounter with an enraged Minotaur a party member died. As a result Sara felt that only she could fill the void left by this deceased member. So she learned his trade of the arcane arts.

She was beloved by the party except for one quirk that made her hard to get along with. If an item would touch her in combat she was convinced that that object belongs to her. Even if she could not use the item she would take it and keep it because she believed it belonged to her now.

Eventually Sara would die. The party was stopped by a mercenary who had been hired to kill them, the mercenary told the party that they could buy her off. All the party had to do was surrender their individual most valuable items. Sara had to give up a Longsword that she believed was hers due to her quirk.

She gave up the sword, but that night she left everything behind and went out to find the mercenary. Sara challenged the mercenary to a duel for her sword. In the end Sara was killed but the mercenary feeling compassion for Sara’s valiant effort returned Sara’s body and the sword to the party.

Honorable Mention-
Unnamed (Vow of Silence), Half-Orc, Lawful Good, Monk – Sacrificed himself to hold of fa Lich while letting his party escape and seal the tomb preventing the Lich from unleashing his undead army.


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