2015 Fall Semester Plans

I am nearly done. Today is Thursday the 10th of December and classes are done December 17th.

Over the next few days my plans are as follows, for my academics anyways.
Today (Thursday)- Write 4 page essay for Final Exam. (History of Soviet Russia) due. Friday
Tomorrow (Friday)- Write 5 page essay and create a Powerpoint presentation on the paper. (Sociology of Education) due. Friday
Saturday/Sunday/Monday- Write 10 page essay Final Paper. (History of Soviet Russia) due. Tuesday
Monday- Online Final Exam Sociology of Education
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday- Write 8 page essay Final Paper. (History of the Civil War) due. Thursday
Tuesday- 10:30 AM History of the Civil War Final Exam
Wednesday- 8:30 AM German Final Exam

I am excited for the upcoming break. Not just from school though, I need a break from my job and friends as well.


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