Lock-In Session 1

The first session that I ran was a take on Red Dawn, the characters were all college students at their local college for a night class. When suddenly three armed individuals rush in and shoot the professor.

They are led out into the hallway and towards the door. When they reach the door they are fired upon by a policeman who their escorts now shoot down. At this moment the group chose to fight and proceeded to in a single round take out their guards.

Now the group of them hatch a plan to free their families, find shelter, and stop the invasion in their town. At first they try to get weapons (They have the three from their guards, 1 shotgun, and 1 pistol), where they spot a large amount of guards at the police station. The party is dissuaded and now they are thinking about people. At this moment they can hear a voice over the speaker.

The voice is talking about how lucky the citizens are that they are still alive, while simultaneously killing other people. A fence has been constructed around the entire town, they are now stuck inside of a compound.

The party hatches a plan to take out the power supply for the fence that is now decorated with corpses of those who fought the invasion. They still need to get out of the compound, their plan, drive through the fence at a weak point.

After searching for the weakest point they find a section of fence that is not yet complete because the invaders are burning the building that is being built beside. They decide to rush this section of the fence despite there being 6 people with assault rifles. It is during this moment the driver channeled her Shotgun to protect the party. “Come on Becca” (Becca being the name of the shotgun.)

They easily disposed of their enemies with only two of their members being wounded, one of them the driver and hunter. Once outside of the compound the party headed to the local Dam which provides the towns power.

After spending some time looking around inside they came up with the idea to shut the whole thing off and making it inoperable using some materials they got at the college.

When the power supply went offline the Commander of the invasion forces for this town accompanied his soldiers to investigate leading to a shootout where the party successfully killed off any threat to their town.


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