My Life In The Palm Of My Hand

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

Life Line

I am sitting on a plane flying on my first trip to my destination of Mongolia, finally after years of planning on how to get there. The women sitting beside me insists on reading my palms to pass the time. She says that she loves to learn the stories of people from around the world.

I tell her that I do not believe in the ability to read palms but instead believe in a persons ability to make observations, and that some people have worked hard to train their ability to observe.

She laughs at this and takes my hand. She informs me that through her “observations” she can tell that I used do hard labor like working in a field or construction.

I inform her that I grew up on a ranch that was 5,000 acres and on average held 400 cows annually. 1,000 cows over the summer months. Once owning my own herd of 30+ sheep.

She goes on to explain that recently my life has shifted to one where I do a lot more sitting and pencil pushing. I have no new callouses forming and the constant pen in my hand are dead giveaways.

I tell her that I now work for a University as a Hall Director, meaning that I run a Residence Hall making sure all of the procedures are completed and the residents are safe.

We continue and talk the rest of the trip as she continues to observe many things about me, including the high stress level but how highly rewarding my job is. Overall it is a wonderful conversation and a great start to my trip to Mongolia.

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