Lock-In Session 2

This session was a Borderlands themed campaign. They started on a bus with Marcus driving like Borderlands 1, however they are dropped off at Crazy Earl’s house, where Patricia Tannis and Tiny Tina are at building a rocket for the players.

They are all launched into space headed for the meteor of Fenrir, which may or may not have a vault on it.

In this session the characters went through combat after bloody combat in an attempt to receive information about the supposed vault. They landed and were immediately involved in combat with a group of Skags.

Closely following this the group wandered into the actual Skag home site. They were of course attacked by these hungry beasts. After killing all of them the party found a recording talking about a map being held at the local Dahl headquarters.

When they reached the Dahl headquarters they saw that it had been overrun with Psychos. After dispatching all of the Psychos the party was attacked by Grumpy, a skag of incredible size.

They defeated Grumpy in a swift manner and returned to searching for the vault.

After securing a vehicle they jumped a canyon while fending off a rock slide using bullets. (It’s Borderlands, of course that’s legit.) The pistol user took a rock to the face and was injured the rest of the session.

After reaching the other side a spectral image opened a giant gate for the party. They went through hoping that they had found the vault. Instead they found Lifebringer. A Skag whose very skin had trees growing in it and size filled the room.

They easily killed this giant foe who dropped for them a key made of pure Eridium.

Because all of you need this, here are the Borderlands trailers along with a special video.

A Meat Bicycle Built For Two- A very special video of love.


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