Me, An Introvert?

I am indeed an introvert No this does not mean that I hate people, in fact my friends describe me as being one of the most charismatic people they know. Able to relate with anyone I come in contact with. This does not mean that I am a depressed fun hater.

Instead what it means for me at the very least is that I recharge energy through having alone time. Or in some cases just time to shut off for a few moments. I believe that my “batteries” are long lasting as I can go several days without needing this time of contemplation away from people.

However when my “batteries” are empty they are bone dry. I do not have a reservoir to pull more energy out of. Almost all of my friends are extroverts, all of the ones I see on a daily basis are anyways. This makes it hard because they all recharge their energy by being around people.

This conflict in methods of creating internal stability has led to more than one actual conflict between myself and my friends. Now nearly all of them are Psychology majors/minors making it so that I would think that they would understand. However this has proven to not be the case and over the past week or so several close friends have become increasingly annoyed with me wanting some alone time in this period of stress due to finals.

In any case. I do indeed love fun. Just on a more personal level, not going out to bars or restaurants. Instead playing a board game at someones house or just simply conversing as a group.

The past week alone has made me realize just how much I miss my best friend because he is like me. An Introvert.


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